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Cats on board — Bertie and Suki

Two cats are travelling with us from North Cyprus. Their characters couldn't be more different! Bertie is a very gentle cat who allows us to give his ears a light tickle. We think he's probably quite an energetic fellow when he's at home, but for now he knows he just has to be patient. Suki, on the other hand, is quite a strong character who cannot be ignored! She lets us know how she feels about everything. We wrote to her owner Angela to tell her Suki complains loudly if we drive over a bump in the road. Back came [...]

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Dog walks round the lake in Golbasi

The dogs had lovely walks around the lake near our hotel this morning. They're a lovely, friendly bunch who are proving to be perfect passengers. Meg is very much the Pointer — ooh, what's that I can smell? Bella gets interested in everything going on around her, barking quietly with plenty to say. She and Monty had a good go at weaving in and out of courier M's legs and tying him up in knots Monty and Bella back from their walk Lovely gentle Holly waits quietly for courier J to finish room [...]

Last night in Golbasi, south of Ankara

After our slightly unrelaxing start yesterday morning, the rest of the day was fairly uneventful. We reached the Kronos Hotel in Golbasi, south of Ankara, at around 8.00 pm, and immediately set about feeding the animals and walking the dogs. It was quite late by the time we finished and the hotel's kitchen had closed, so the kind staff bussed us to a government training centre a few minutes away, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner. The hotel staff obviously care very much that their guests should be properly fed. This morning, worried that we would miss breakfast, they brought 'breakfast [...]

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