Daily Archives: November 6, 2012

A moment of drama with our customs clearances; followed by a flat battery

A slight drama with our customs clearance meant we had to wait around while the officials resorted to their manuals. They whisked courier M off to town to the new port. While he was there doing business with the customs officials, courier J moved the van to a quiet, shady spot and gave the dogs a walk. While we waited, we ran the air-conditioning and the airflow to keep the van cool. Which led to a flat battery! Courier J asked some boat hands for help. With hand signals and smiles, the mechanic from our ferry appeared on the gangway [...]

Sunny morning arrival at the Turkish port of Tasucu

This morning we arrived at Tasucu at 08.30 — much more civilised than on a previous trip when we arrived at 02.00 and were thrown off the boat to wait until the port opened at 08.00! The sun was out and we set about the usual round of paperwork, stamping and handshakes. Our boat, comfy cabin complete with bunk beds and ensuite bathroom — but no towels! So we had to raid the supplies of [clean!] dog bedding Hand-carved screen in front of the loos at Tasucu port — very amusing watching people dive behind here while [...]

A tranquil departure from North Cyprus

Leaving the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus was a quiet and gentle business this time. Everyone arrived on time, and there was plenty of friendly chat despite the slight nerves some owners must feel as they see off their dogs and cats. There was a pleasant mix of familiar and new faces around. Everyone had their allotted tasks. Margaret, Kim and Bob checked the animals' microchips and matched pets to paperwork. Owners made up their pets' beds, then courier M settled the dogs and cats into their travel compartments. Courier J went round with fresh water. We were a bit [...]

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