Daily Archives: November 5, 2012

No-name dog waits patiently at KAR’s offices in North Cyprus

This lovely little girl was found with her puppies in a drain last week — before the heavy rains started, fortunately. The KAR people had to work hard to get her pups out as they retreated when help arrived. The mum is lucky enough to have found a new home already, and is waiting for her new owners to name her. Her pups are waiting for more kind people to step forward and offer them homes. Looking forward to her new life

KAR’s new clinic and offices; and a request for donations

Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) is opening its very own veterinary clinic! The main purpose of the clinic is birth and disease control for street animals, to further manage the population of unwanted cats and dogs. It's closely linked to the 'neuter tag and release' programme, under which neutered animals are released back onto the streets with a visible indicator that the deed has been done. So how did the clinic come about? KAR was originally set up to manage the health and welfare of animals living on the streets in Kyrenia, an area roughly equivalent to a county in North Cyprus. [...]

A Parisian quartet heads to London

Attila, Beauty, Bailey and Mimi are a magnificent family of cats. They're travelling with Animalcouriers from Paris to London. Each cat has his or her own distinct character and all four are great fun to be with. They quickly relaxed into the trip and enjoy tucking in to their gourmet dinners! Mimi Beauty Attila Bailey

Lunch with KAR and the local cats

Animalcouriers joined Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) for lunch yesterday. As usual, we were also joined by a number of local cats. As we watched them play and enjoy our company, Margaret was checking them over with a practised eye — are they healthy? Have they been neutered? This lovely grey-and-white boy was pronounced healthy, but before lunch was over he was booked in for the snip!