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The annual KAR fireworks display

Animalcouriers have arrived in North Cyprus and have already caught up with the good people from Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR). We joined in the festivities at their fund-raising fireworks display last night. The bonfire was lit at 6pm, and the whole event was huge! Margaret from KAR was quick to point out that no, they hadn't cleared the shop! The skies were lit up for miles around and everyone had a great time, with families from all over the area coming together to help raise much needed funds for KAR. We look forward to starting to get to know our [...]

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Max reaches the UK from Caracas via France

Courier M2 met Dave and Max at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Dave was pretty tired after the journey from Caracas, but Max was raring to play and have fun. We'd heard that Max was showing signs of nervousness on leaving Caracas, so courier M2 made sure he had a pocket full of treats for Max to sniff out. They soon became firm friends! When they tried to check in at Eurotunnel for the crossing to England, it turned out there was a problem with Max's papers. A small piece of information, although included in the paperwork, had been omitted [...]

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