Daily Archives: November 3, 2012

Poppy is relocating from Spain to the UK

Lovely fluffy Poppy is travelling to Winchester, where her owner has relocated. She stayed with Liz from www.aahvet.com until Animalcouriers could collect her. She's a very cute and friendly cat who loves a cuddle. For the time being, she's decided that the litter tray is the place to relax. Poppy at Liz's Poppy on her travels

Camba from Galicia has a lovely new family

Lovely Camba was rescued by his new owners while they were in Spain. As they said: "It's such a shame someone would abandon him, but their loss is our gain!" Around eight months old, he's been staying in Madrid with Liz from www.aahvet.com and is now travelling with Animalcouriers to start his new life in Winchester. He's a fantastic character who loves being with people and is taking the trip completely in his stride. He seems to understand that he's about to make a fresh new start in life. Camba in Madrid Camba out walking

Valentino and Noriuki are heading to Surrey

These stunning snow-spotted Bengal brothers deserve their glamorous names. They're travelling with Animalcouriers from Spain to start their new lives in Surrey. They're vocal and cuddly and love to have their tummies tickled — which is a huge pleasure for us as they have the softest coats. Valentino and Noriuki