Apologies to all our friends and followers, but here’s another gorgeous pup on the move. Golden Retriever Freya left the UK for her new life in Sydney last night.

She was born in Sweden, then moved to England to stay with D, a good friend of her new Australian owner. D has spent a lot of time training and socialising Freya, and reports she’s been kept very busy by this lively young dog.

A dog travelling to Australia from the UK must have a rabies vaccine, which can’t be given until she or he is three months old. The blood test to check the level of rabies anti-bodies has to be at least 60 days old before the dog can enter Australia, and at least 180 days old before the dog can leave Australian quarantine, where it must spend at least 30 days. Freya will be at the Eastern Creek Quarantine Kennels in Sydney until early December.

Golden retriever puppy flying from UK to Australia with Animalcouriers

Freya when she first arrived in the UK

fly my golden retriever puppy to Australia