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Agnes and Pixel are heading for Oxford

Animalcouriers collected beautifully behaved best friends Agnes and Pixel last night in Florence. These two Boxers are travelling with us to Oxford. Poor Agnes has inoperable cancer, but is nevertheless a very cheerful dog who loves food and cuddles, and can wag her tail for England. She's on medication to slow the cancer down, and courier S popped into the vet before leaving Florence to get full instructions and confirmation that Agnes was fit to travel. She seems to be enjoying every minute of the trip. We take it slowly on walks, and Agnes has a little rest from time to [...]

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Arapina from Corfu is happy in her new home

Sam wrote to let us know how Arapina, who travelled with Animalcouriers from Corfu, is settling in with them all: "Arapina has been very good meeting our little dog Susie and some family members too. After a nice long walk and some dinner the two dogs have fallen asleep in front of the fire. Sending some sweet pictures, thank you for helping us with Arapina, she seems very happy so far." Out for a walk in the winter sunshine… …followed by dinner… …and a nice long nap — Susie (L) and Arapina (R) [...]

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Playful Kiki is moving from Rome to Richmond

Adorable kitten Kiki travelled from Rome to Florence by train and was met at Santa Maria Novella station by Animalcouriers. Just seven months old, Kiki is still very tiny. She's travelling with her favourite jingly ball, which at home is taken away at night, otherwise no-one would get any sleep! Her other favourite toy is paper tissue, which she can play with happily for hours. She especially likes helping herself to new tissues from the box! Her family in Richmond are waiting very excitedly for her to arrive. Wide-eyed Kiki

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Tommy is travelling from Florence

Gorgeous Tommy is a very interesting cross between a Husky and a Labrador. Animalcouriers collected him this afternoon from the hills above Florence in Italy, and are taking him to Norfolk. At seven years old Tommy's in the prime of life, but still has a very winning puppy face. Tommy comes in a bit too close for his close-up! Simply awesome — the hills above Florence

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The Hunde-Bar is wunderbar

Courier S is on her way to Florence to collect some special UK-bound passengers. She was sorry not to have any dogs on board who might have enjoyed a swift pint of still or sparkling water at the Hunde-Bar at the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland. There was plenty of ice available too, as she battled through a snow storm, but this cleared as the rain continued to fall. Designed for short- and long-legged doggies  

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Disappointment at Calais

We arrived at Calais to find that P&O have decided not to transport animals unless they're accompanied by their owners. Unfortunately, no-one had told Animalcouriers! It seems P&O have bowed to pressure from animal rights activists following an exposé in the Daily Mail about puppies from eastern European puppy farms being imported into the UK. Talk about using a sledgehammer to crack a nut — especially as we are authorised by the UK government to transport animals. We also feel strongly that no animal should be transported across Europe without an owner waiting for it at its destination. In the [...]

Arrival in Surrey late afternoon

Animalcouriers expect to reach our base in Surrey late this afternoon. As always on these trips, the pets and couriers have come together to form a kind of family. The pets quickly learn the routine, understanding by the sights and sounds when they'll be fed, and which order the dogs will be walked in. They react to the sound of the biscuit tin opening and the rattle of the food containers. Each animal reveals his or her own personality during the journey, and we try hard to fall in with their preferences. We learn to recognise the tattoos beaten on the compartment [...]

Julia, Tyche and Arapina

Julia is a very pretty Setter. An older dog, we're very impressed at how calm she is. Perhaps having been through so much in her life, she now realises this is the final step towards her secure future. Our other two canines from Corfu, Arapina and Tyche, have both settled in well too. They love their walks and both found plenty of new smells to sniff and snuffle while we were out this morning. Julia Tyche Arapina

Lucy trains up her temporary stylist

In conversation with Cocker Lucy we admired her wonderful hairdo. Lucy admitted she was missing her regular stylist, so a brush was found and Lucy gave courier M a short training course. Lucy with 'bed hair' Courier M sets to work, much to Lucy's delight — make sure you get my parting right! A mirror would make training him easier, says Lucy How do I look now?

Ella, Zeus, Chloe and Phaidra

Although she's the baby of the dogs at six months or so, Ella has completely settled into travelling. Her leaping, rolling and skipping make compulsive viewing. On top of which, she's a right pickle who noses in our pockets for treats, then does a 'sitting looking pretty' act when she sees a hand coming her way with a biscuit. Courier M and Zeus have made further developments to their walk strategy. Courier M points Zeus in the direction of the next tree, lamppost or other upright object, and Zeus does the rest. Obviously, there's quite a bit of advance planning [...]