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Julia is waiting for us in Corfu

Julia is a rescue dog, who's waiting for Animalcouriers to collect her in Corfu and bring her to the UK. Her new owner Mick sent us a photo of her that also shows some of the other dogs she currently shares a home with. This will be a return trip for Animalcouriers to Corfu Animal Welfare — a group of wonderful people who do excellent work. Mick reckons Julia is smiling because she knows she'll soon be on her way to join her very excited new family

Vilendal is off to live in Denmark

Animalcouriers collected four-month-old yellow Lab Vilendal from her breeder in Corby. She visited the vet yesterday afternoon for her health check, and is flying early this morning to Copenhagen, where her new owner is excitedly awaiting her arrival. She's a beautiful puppy bred from exceptional field trials parentage. She looks every part the gun-dog and is beautifully behaved. Young Vilendal

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Blind Holly has been adopted by Paul

Paul has adopted Holly, a completely blind Pekingese. She's joining 19 other Pekingese dogs already rescued by Paul, so will have plenty of friends to help look after her. Animalcouriers collected Holly from the west country. She has already had a number of homes — as well as two operations to remove her eyes. We — and Paul — are confident that Holly has finally found her last and very loving home, and we wish her lots of luck for the future. Holly and Paul

Haggis and Tucker reach their new home

Haggis and Tucker made the final leg of their journey on the ferry to the Isle of Wight yesterday evening, where Animalcouriers delivered them safely to their new home. The door to the special pet area on the ferry Water bowls for big and little creatures — who's been drinking out of my bowl? says daddy bear Pawprint doggy TV, showing images of dogs and their favourite dog-friendly beaches and hotels Haggis investigates his new home Tucker, originally found abandoned on the streets of Amsterdam, was understandably a little shyer about [...]

What does a yellow ribbon on a dog’s lead mean?

We've noticed dogs being walked with yellow ribbons, or other yellow markers, on their leads. When we asked what it meant, we were directed to The Yellow Dog Project. It's an attempt to create a standardised sign to other dog walkers that a dog with the yellow ribbon needs some space. There are many reasons for this. For example, the dog may: have health issues be in training be in rehabilitation be scared of or reactive towards other dogs So if you see a dog with a yellow ribbon on its lead, don't approach it yourself or with your dog. [...]

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An update on Benji from North Cyprus

Handsome Benji travelled with Animalcouriers from North Cyprus in July. Val sent us an update to let us know how he's settling in, along with some lovely photos of him: "Benji loves it here in the UK. Long long walks for two hours at a time off the lead — something we couldn't do in Cyprus. We have also been told, including by our vet, that he is a Tibetan Terrier." Benji walking off his lead Happy Benji Handsome fellow!

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Tucker and Haggis are Isle of Wight bound

These gorgeous, cuddly cats are relocating from Amsterdam to the Isle of Wight. They're doing the whole journey in one day, so it will be quite an adventure for them by train, tunnel, road and ferry. They're an extremely laid-back pair who've slept through the whole trip so far. Unlike their human mum who had a bad attack of pre-travel nerves. For lucky courier S, that translated into the creation of a wonderful picnic full of Dutch delights including apple and cinnamon muffins, cashew nuts, cranberries, health bars and refreshing apple juice. A totally unexpected but wonderful surprise! Courier S [...]

Alikat is settling permanently in the UK

Alikat has been one of Animalcouriers' regular travellers between France and the UK. We think this is probably her last trip with us as her owners are leaving France for the beautiful north-east coast of England. We hope they and Alikat settle quickly into their new lives and don't miss the southern French sun too much. Alikat