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Mack and Millie are off on an adventure

This lovable pair of lively Jack Russells are travelling with Animalcouriers from York all the way to Christchurch, New Zealand, where their owners are relocating. The move had to be organised very quickly as 'dad' got fast tracked, leaving 'mum' frantically making arrangements for the dogs and all the other removals. Fortunately she's made of stern stuff, and has coped brilliantly. The dogs seemed blissfully unaware of the whiff of tension in the air at home and are behaving impeccably. Millie Mack Auction house passed en route

Glamorous Dior is moving to Monte Carlo

This gorgeous little Cockapoo pup will be travelling with Animalcouriers at the weekend. We're collecting her from her breeder in West Wales and taking her to her new home in Monaco. Her new owner particularly wanted her to travel by road as it's less stressful for animals than flying. We're specialists in pet road travel and take extra special care of young passengers like Dior. Irresistible Dior

Julia is waiting for us in Corfu

Julia is a rescue dog, who's waiting for Animalcouriers to collect her in Corfu and bring her to the UK. Her new owner Mick sent us a photo of her that also shows some of the other dogs she currently shares a home with. This will be a return trip for Animalcouriers to Corfu Animal Welfare — a group of wonderful people who do excellent work. Mick reckons Julia is smiling because she knows she'll soon be on her way to join her very excited new family

Vilendal is off to live in Denmark

Animalcouriers collected four-month-old yellow Lab Vilendal from her breeder in Corby. She visited the vet yesterday afternoon for her health check, and is flying early this morning to Copenhagen, where her new owner is excitedly awaiting her arrival. She's a beautiful puppy bred from exceptional field trials parentage. She looks every part the gun-dog and is beautifully behaved. Young Vilendal

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