Daily Archives: October 13, 2012

Alikat is settling permanently in the UK

Alikat has been one of Animalcouriers' regular travellers between France and the UK. We think this is probably her last trip with us as her owners are leaving France for the beautiful north-east coast of England. We hope they and Alikat settle quickly into their new lives and don't miss the southern French sun too much. Alikat

Cendra and her four cats

Impressive Newfoundland dog Cendra is travelling with her four feline companions from Barcelona to Newcastle. The cats — Gordon, Lady, Theo and Berry — may find the temperature change a bit of a shock when they get there; but Cendra has exactly the right sort of coat to keep her warm in chilly British climes. Lady Berry Theo Gordon Cendra Cendra enjoyed her walk in among the vines… …as did Chuck… … who knows all about sitting for a treat Charlie loves a [...]

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