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Jessie and Chico reach their Spanish destination

Jessie and Chico's long journey came to an end yesterday afternoon. They had flown from Canada to Heathrow, and from there had travelled by road with Animalcouriers to Alicante. They had the most charming looks of surprise and delight on their faces when they heard their owners' voices. Chico's look of surprise as he hears a familiar voice

A sad day for southern Spain

When courier S reached Murcia she was met with scenes of total devastation following the deadly flash floods that have hit Murcia, Malaga and Almeria. The motorway at Lorca had completely washed away in places, and in others the mountains had disappeared from underneath. Our way was completely blocked. The army was escorting people through the floods and past hundreds of ruined homes. There were four-foot-high mud slides on the roads. Animalcouriers kept close to an army truck that had a 'follow me to Andalusia' sign, taking care to put the animals' safety first. We stopped early to await news of [...]

Real-life tales from the river bank

One of the more unusual jobs to have come Animalcouriers' way was the transport of a number of water voles. Urgent coastal defence works on England's south coast are affecting a water vole habitat. To ensure that the colony survives the disturbance, a breeding stock of 50–60 voles is being trapped and transported to a wildlife centre in Kent. Once the work is completed, they'll be returned to their coastal site. It's unlikely the colony will be so disturbed that they'll all leave, so this is a kind of extra insurance policy. The wildlife centre in Kent is very experienced [...]

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Motorway trouble in France — but a clever French farmer helped us on our way

Yesterday afternoon courier S was caught in an almighty traffic jam on the French motorway, where a lorry had jack-knifed across the carriageway. Eventually a clever farmer made a decision with the police to take down part of his fence and level out some ditches. That meant hundreds of cars could leave the motorway across his fields, down his muddy lane, and away from the jam. We say, très bien fait, Monsieur! 12.45 13.45 14.45 On our way again at last! Buster loves the sun Jack and Russell catch [...]

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The latest North Cyprus party breaks up

Our journey from North Cyprus having ended, the pets we transported are all now being reunited with their owners. Kelly was collected yesterday morning. Banu was delivered to kennels to await her owners. Charlie went home to Essex. Tiffany was collected yesterday afternoon. Valentine and Bertie are heading to the West Country. Fred and Tidge are home on the Isle of Wight. Kit Kat, Felix , Cadbury, Hunni and Buddy travelled north with courier R. They were a splendid group of passengers, very well behaved and good company. Kit Kat perhaps enjoyed the journey the least, kept himself well hidden [...]

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Jessie and Chico from Canada

Cairn Terrier Jessie and her companion Chico the cat had every right to look a little jet lagged as they have arrived from Canada by air. Animalcouriers collected from the airport are taking them to Alicante in Spain. Having left England in the midst of rain, storms and floods, you can imagine our horror to reach Calais and find the rain was falling in buckets. We delayed our departure because everyone was keen for a walk and run but in the end with wellies, hats and coats courier S and all the dogs dashed around outside and got soaked. After [...]

It’s a record — five days, 18 hours!

Just when we thought we couldn't get back any faster from North Cyprus than six-and-a-half days — we have. As courier J crossed to Calais to meet couriers M and B, it was hard not to reflect on the past eight months and five trips. There are so many angles to take into account on these trips. Managing pets over a long distance and over a long period of time, dealing with bureaucracy, the new engine we had to have installed on one trip, the friends we made at the Mercedes Team 24 garages all along the route… at no [...]

Young Buster is moving from Hull to south west France

Animalcouriers collected beautiful rough collie pup Buster this morning from Hull. He's traveling with us to his new home in St Jean de Luz in southern France. His breeder shed a few tears as we left which didn't surprise us. Buster is a very special pup who has been very well handled and is stunning to look at. He's going to a lovely family who already have one rough collie from this breeder, and they are very excited about his arrival. The breeder's eight-year-old grand daughter has been helping to bring Buster up, which has involved reading him stories everyday! [...]

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Last night at an Italian thermal spa

We spent last night at a small hotel in the thermal spa of Riolo Terme. Not far from the Imola race circuit if you are a Formula 1 fan. As the hotel car park was rather small ad fully occupied we were directed to put the van in the adjacent park. A very nice formal garden which housed the thermal baths and health spa that attract tourists of a more mature persuasion. I have to say it is also a nice peaceful place to walk dogs. The area is quite hilly and there are many grape vines. We are off [...]

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Arrival in Italy

We arrived in Italy yesterday afternoon after a journey from Igoumenitsa to Ancona. We had intended to take the shorter sailing to Bari but cancellations and routine maintenance scuppered our plans. It is a longer trip but we were able to get escorted to the garage deck to check on our precious cargo. All our passengers travelled very well and enjoyed being visited and given special biscuits provided by Margaret of KAR. We spotted a pretty hut on stilts beside the road and railway which run along the coast out of Ancona in Italy. We think it's probably a fishing [...]