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Poppy sings along on the journey to Switzerland

Animalcouriers collected lovely black-and-white cat Poppy in Macclesfield yesterday morning from her owners' old neighbours. We're taking her to her new home in Basel. We had a really smooth journey to the Eurotunnel, pausing only to let a Paralympics cycle race go by, which was very exciting to watch. We still ended up making such good time that we were able to catch an earlier train. Poppy is quite vocal about courier S's music choice. Eventually the (slightly unusual) combination of Dire Straits and Adele was settled on, and both cat and courier enjoyed a good old singalong. At Calais we [...]

Prince is moving to Aberdeen

Gorgeous puss Prince is travelling with Animalcouriers to Aberdeen. His French family, the Beurels, are relocating there because of work in the oil industry. We talked about the differences between their part of France and that part of Scotland, and we all had a bit of a chuckle at the thought of speaking English with a French accent to the Scots — would they understand? Their young son Brieux is already very excited about going to school in Aberdeen Brieux and Muriel with Prince The whole family seeing Prince on his way

Jacob, Hugh, Harvey and Oliver are heading south

These four gorgeous cats are off to live in the Languedoc with Samantha and her family. They’re going to run a chambre d'hôtes in Bize Minervois, a pretty village with its own swimming spot in the heart of the Minerve wine- and olive-producing region. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but we’re not yet quite sure which chap is which — we hope Sam will read this post and leave a comment to enlighten us! Lovely grey Persian and handsome black-and-white Gorgeous white Persian and a fluffy black number — how come the Persians know all about [...]

George and Jasmine are relocating to the Charente

George and Jasmine are leaving Lichfield and are off to live in Chalais, a lively market town in the Charent region of western France. Jasmine is a very pretty Persian cat, while George is a handsome chap in the traditional black-and-white style. Both are quite shy so it was hard to take a photo — and who can blame them, having a camera pointed at them! George  Jasmine

Oberon is swapping North Yorkshire for France

Oberon, or Obby for short, is a 15-week-old Sheltie puppy who's on his way to join Christine and her other dogs in Noailhac in France. The first leg of his journey was from North Yorkshire to Newark, where courier R met up with him. He spent last night at home with couriers J and R, then everyone was up at 4.30 this morning to have breakfast together, before setting off for the Eurotunnel and the crossing to France. Obby's a very handsome chap who'll be good company on the journey. Trying out the office chair On board [...]

Sandy from North Cyprus has landed on her paws

Sandy travelled with us in April from North Cyprus. Jayne and her husband found her as an abandoned pup, and asked Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) to look after her until she could join our trip to the UK. Although she was quite a shy dog at the start of the journey, as time went on her confidence grew and she became great friends with Annie, another of our passengers. Courier J recalls that by the time she delivered Sandy to her new family, "any feelings I had that Sandy would not be okay vanished. I met Sandy's grandparents and their dog, and they [...]

An unusual request to transport a grasshopper

We occasionally get an out-of-the-ordinary enquiry about animal shipping. Recently we received an email asking if we could transport a single grasshopper from India to Germany, to the University of Hamburg. We assume it was for research purposes. However, in this case we couldn't help with the transport, so didn't ask for any further information. If it's a journey we can potentially help with, however, we would ask questions and consider the ethics of doing work for research institutions. Many of us have fairly strong views on whether or not insects should be used in this way, and we often [...]

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A practice run for TJ, who is off to Cyprus

TJ is just the most gorgeous Greyhound who is off to live with his owners in North Cyprus. Animalcouriers collected him very early this morning for his flight to Larnaca, where he would be met by colleagues for the onward journey to North Cyprus. However, when courier R reached the handlers at the airport, he was told that TJ could not be checked in, which was quite a surprise. Courier R returned to our Surrey location with TJ and we got on the phone to find out what had gone wrong. Before any flight we always check with the handlers [...]

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