Daily Archives: July 27, 2012

A visit to the vet for Taska

Last night we found a great place to stay near Dieppe with a lake and a park where the dogs enjoyed their evening walks. When we went to walk them again this morning, we noticed that Taska, the female Berger Picard travelling with us, was looking very down and didn't seem keen on going out. So we lifted her out of her compartment but could immediately see she wasn't at all well. We contacted our British vet in France, Dr Diana James, for advice. She talked us through a checklist of symptoms and together we decided to take her to [...]

Frisco, Poison and Moustique are welcomed on board by Lola, Soloman and Taro

Animalcouriers collected Frisco the Persian from Madrid. This lovely, gentle cat settled in straight away, and is travelling with us to Wimbledon Frisco Beautiful Poison and Moustique, also collected in Madrid, are travelling with us to Bristol. We’re looking forward to getting to know them over the next few days. Moustique Poison Burmese Soloman and Taro found their voices with the arrival of these three new cats, and gave them a very vocal welcome. Taro and Soloman It was clearly well past Lola’s bedtime when we stopped for the night at Burgos! [...]

Rehabilitated street dogs, Harley and Yogi

These two street dogs have been wonderfully looked after and rehabilitated in Alicante. They’re now travelling with Animalcouriers to a rehoming centre in Southampton. Harley is gentle and kind but a little bit scared of cats. His mother, who we also met, is a Rottweiler but his father’s breed is unknown. Harley does have, however, the classic look of a Pointer, just a little heavier in the body. Harley Yogi is a real cutie. He’s still learning to trust humans again but is showing a lot of affection to Couriers S and L and seems to be totally [...]

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