Daily Archives: July 26, 2012

Last night at a chateau in the Vendée

When we arrived at our hotel last night we discovered there had been something of a misunderstanding, as there was no parking. So after a polite grumble to Booking.com, they kindly negotiated for us to stay at a nearby hostelry with secure off-road parking, at the same price as we had originally expected to pay. The alternative hostelry turned out to be the rather wonderful Chateau Barbinière  complete with sculpture park in the grounds. The approach to Chateau Barbinière Is that my mum calling me? wonders Zeru Zeru adds a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to [...]

Timosha, Taska, Lenin and Trotsky

When Patrick was looking for a way to move his four pets from the Dordogne to England, he had a chat with the local kennels and cattery, Pattes et Griffes, run by James and Jane. They remembered that Animalcouriers had visited them about five years ago, and told Patrick about us. Our visit back then had coincided with them having just opened for business, and James and Jane were very hopeful that the big step they'd taken in moving to France with their two young sons would pay off. Well, it looks to us as though it has. They have an [...]

Enjoying the sights and sounds of France

Couriers J and M have been all over Europe and as far as North Cyprus so far this year, but this is their first trip to France in 2012. You can imagine how much they're enjoying being back among the sights, smells and sounds of France, especially during the summer season when the sunflowers are out and the fruit trees are full of nectarines, peaches and apricots. Amazing sunflowers

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