Daily Archives: July 25, 2012

Pickle lives up to her name

"Couriers J and M have thoughtfully hung a nice fat roll of kitchen paper right next to my travel compartment. I spend hours working away at unravelling it. I do my best to catch all the bits of paper that fly past but I haven't managed it yet. Just need more practice with a fresh roll!" Pickle surveys her handiwork

Lola has joined our trip to the UK

Animalcouriers collected 13-week-old Lola from the cattery in Malaga where she's been staying. Jonny and Louisa rescued Lola while they were studying at Granada University, and now she's off to the UK to rejoin them. The cattery have been brilliant with her — not just organising her vaccinations and pet passport, but also spending lots of time with her bulding up her confidence and keeping her used to plenty of human contact. She's now the most gorgeous, cuddly kitten who's so lucky to have been found by such good samaritans. Little Lola lets us know she's ready to be on [...]

Morning walks in Andalucia

Couriers S and L and their charges stayed last night in Los Barrios in the Andalusian province of Cadiz. After a good night's sleep, all the dogs had a lovely walk in the fresh morning air. Robbie took a leisurely stroll around the parkland Sandy enjoyed watching and playing with the sprinklers that were watering the grass, and listening to the big frogs in the pond

Roxy and Casper from Tavira

Animalcouriers' final collection in Portugal was from Tavira: two little heaps of fur with the waggiest tails you ever did see. Roxy and Casper are off to London where they'll be reunited with their owner. Their owner's parents, who've been caring for the two dogs in the meantime, were rather sad to see them go, and a few tears were shed. Bundles of joy and energy, Roxy and Casper

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