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Teddy and Bonnie are a pair of chatterboxes

Green parakeet Teddy is incredibly sociable. He talks, sings, rings his bell and generally keeps us all entertained. He's even learnt to mimic the satnav speed camera sound and repeatedly gives us warnings. For such a confident bird Teddy is surprisingly camera shy, but we hope to get some pictures of his antics during the course of the journey. Bonnie is not quite as sociable as Teddy and will in fact give you a sharp bite if you get too close. She doesn't make her own chatter or songs but follows Teddy's lead and copies all of his sounds. It's [...]

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Oscar, Harry, Biby and Mika

Oscar is a seasoned traveller Friendly Lakeland Terrier Oscar is making his regular journey to his summer holiday home in Cahors, France. He adores being in the van with the other dogs but, like a jack-in-the-box, as soon as he's back in his travelling compartment, he asks to come out again! Oscar, who has a real smile on his face Handsome Harry is off to Spanish Catalonia Harry is a gorgeous bundle of joy. He's travelling with us to Sant Quirze Besora in Spain. It was an emotional parting from his owner, but they will be reunited in [...]

Two dogs, two frogs — and a tortoise called Pudding

This eclectic family of pets are travelling with Animalcouriers from the UK to La Coruna in Spain. Pudding has to be the cutest little tortoise we've ever met. He's about three inches long and just seven months old. He is quite speedy and loves to come out for a little jog about. His diet on the journey is lettuce and lots of TLC. The pair of two-year-old Peacock Frogs live in a beautiful environment with ferns, rocks and damp soil. Fascinating to watch, they stick to the glass with their lovely suckered feet. Their diet is a little bit different [...]

Oliver, Grisou and Mikki are well settled in to their new home

Last November Animalcouriers brought Oliver and his feline companions Grisou and Mikki from Antibes in France to the UK. Their owner Jacqui tells us they've all settled in brilliantly "I can't praise Animalcouriers enough! From all the convoluted and changing arrangements, handled with speed and humour by J, to the infinite patience of courier M2 who arrived to pick up the travellers just as one of them escaped into the back alleys of Antibes! When they arrived at their new home in Middle Barton, they had obviously been pampered and any possible ruffled feathers smoothed, because they settled down with [...]

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