We’re at Calais waiting for our crossing and reflecting on our trip. It’s taken us exactly seven days to get from Girne to Calais, where we stayed last night.

We’ve really enjoyed all the pets we’ve had on board, and would like to say a big thank you to their owners for entrusting them to us. All the cats and dogs have travelled brilliantly, and we can honestly say they’ve eaten well, slept well, and been fine examples of good behaviour!

We should be in Caterham later today, and Courier M in West Sussex by about 1700.

The pets we’re delivering in the north will be on their way as soon as we reach Dover — courier R met us in Calais this morning with our second van, where they’re already settled in, to avoid any waiting when we reach Dover.

Joe, Sophie, Dylan and Daisy are travelling west with courier M2 and will start that leg of their journey from Caterham at around 1430 today.

Couriers R and M2 aren’t BlackBerry buffs and don’t take photos, so we’d be very pleased if you’d send us digital pictures of your pets in their new homes. That way we can let all their friends and fans in KAR, North Cyprus and the blogosphere know how they’re getting on.