We received lots of great ideas for the collective noun for Golden Retrievers.

We particularly liked virginiaplantation’s suggestion of a Golden Ring; and were very taken with thecompleteguidetoOscar’s idea of a Packet of Golden Wonder.

And Liz’s suggestion of a Waggle and her explanation for it made us chuckle.

Gunta’s idea of a Gift was lovely too — she was honest enought to admit it came from a list of breed-specific collective noun ideas on another site, and we really enjoyed reading through them, so thanks for posting the link, Gunta.

Courier M, who had the original idea for the post, is a serious Golden Retriever fan. His own suggestion was a Gorgeousness. Hard to argue with that!

Thanks to everyone who took part.

And for all you Golden Retriever lovers, here’s a blog by The Daily Golden where you can get a serious fix.