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Our fabulous felines: Kittie, Daisy and Timmy

We have three stunning cats on board this trip from North Cyprus, and all of them are starting to show their characters. Every one of them is confident, yet friendly. Daisy's priority whenever we open her compartment door is to check out what Chloe is doing next door. Chloe's never too sure what to say, but we feel that Kittie would like to be friends with her. Kittie is gentle and pretty. She likes knowing what's going on around her and keeps a close eye on us as we go back and forth with the dogs. We're quite sure she'd [...]

Environmental enrichment based on Margaret’s biscuits

As usual Margaret gave us a large packet of her special biscuits for travelling treats. No dog turns them down! They hear the packet rustling and sit up, tails thumping on the sides of their compartments. We've discovered that the biscuits exactly fit the mesh of the compartment doors. They stay in place if you put them corner to corner, half in and half out. So we 'parked' a biscuit for each dog and watched to see who would be the most skilled at retrieving and eating the biscuit. In third place: Lucky. He can retrieve the biscuit, but it [...]

Arriving in Italy and dealing with the heat

We disembarked at Bari this morning and hope to reach Castiliogne di Lago in Perugia later today. It's one of our favourite places, where we have a super vet and there's a lovely spot for dog-walking. We hope to get all the dogs' internal parasite treatments done in the morning, then we will set a course for the UK. When we stopped for a lunchtime walk it was blisteringly hot. So it was a quick outing to a shady spot and, as soon as the required deeds were done, straight back into the van, which was left running to keep the [...]

Crossing from Greece to Italy

We boarded the ferry last night and bagged a place on the open deck — the coolest place for our passengers on a hot and humid evening. We're due in to the port of Bari at 0800. Looking back at our favourite dog-walking beach in Igoumenitsa The stunning view which changes every few minutes A family getting settled for the night on deck This lady found a spot for the night and got herself all tucked up — must be like a sauna under that duvet!

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