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A Greek garage-owner’s secret garden

Our host the garage owner didn't speak a word of English and our Greek was similarly limited. However we got along very well. He watched us while we walked all the dogs, brought us water from his fridge for the pets and, though rather bemused by this unusual party of animals and people, wanted us to feel at home, and brought garden chairs for us to sit on. At one point he beckoned us to follow him, which we did — up some stairs, through a barn, along a little path — emerging into an amazing vegetable garden, where his [...]

Keeping to a routine is vital for the pets

We're glad to say normal service has been resumed and we're back on the road. While we were waiting at the garage for the van to be fixed, we took care to maintain the regular routine that's vital to the pets' wellbeing as they travel: walks, food, water, and room service. While discussions took place between mechanics… …we started the round of dog walks — here are just a few of the dogs out walking Sophie Lucy Joe Chloe Bud and Lucky  

Twitching at bee-eaters

Part of the silver lining to the van-breakdown cloud was the discovery immediately behind the garage of a bee-eaters' nesting site. This irridescent, exotically coloured bird lives on insects, particularly bees and wasps. Their nests are burrows which they make in sandy banks or, as in this case, a spoil tip from a gravel quarry. We saw 25–30 individual birds around the nesting site. They give off a continuous series of melodic mutterings and hang in the air like small kites. Every so often a few of them would dash off towards some conifer woodland nearby, returning shortly with insects [...]

It wouldn’t be a North Cyprus trip without a bit of excitement along the way

Although the border crossings on this Animalcouriers trip from North Cyprus to the UK went very smoothly, it just wouldn't be one of these trips without a touch of drama to keep us on our toes. True to form, as we were leaving a fuel stop between Thessaloniki and Igoumenitsa, a chunky stone bounced up off the road and lodged itself in the fan/fanbelt/radiator area of the van. There was a loud bang, followed by a gush of water from the radiator. So once again, we turned to the Team 24 Mercedes Benz callout service. The chief mechanic, Tolis, was [...]

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