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Morning walks in Greece

We had lovely surrounding for our dog walks this morning in Alexandroupoli — a choice of woods or the beach. Friends reunited — Dylan and Sophie are from the same family but are travelling in separate compartments. They were pleased to see each other this morning. Daisy gives neighbour Chloe the onceover Dylan enjoying a snuffle in the undergrowth Paddy walking in the woods You can just spot him in the distance with courier M Sophie and Sammy out in the woods Courier M with Sophie and [...]

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Through the border in record time

We checked out of Turkey yesterday, early evening less than 48 hours after leaving Girne in North Cyprus. It took us around 20 minutes to get through Ipsala. Couriers K and M went off bearing a thick handful of papers, and returned with nothing but big huge grins from ear to ear. We then had to queue for nearly an hour to reach the Greek border. But once there, we were asked to wait only as long as it took our customs officer to ring the vet, who was waiting. We paid our dues as he wielded two rubber stamps [...]

Joe the Collie returns to the land of his origins

Joe’s owner Phil forwarded a message to us from Joe: “I am a genuine English, born and bred Border Collie from Pershore in  Worcestershire. I have been in North Cyprus since March 2009, but I have had enough now and am returning home to the green and pleasant land where I once lived. I can't wait to get all that lovely green grass and mud between my paws, and have a good old run about on a really sandy beach — I have had enough of the rocky terrain here, it hurts my feet. I will be ten years old [...]

How Val and Bill came to adopt Benji

Val and Bill used to have a Cyprus Terrier called Benny, who they had from a puppy. One night as Bill was coming back from an evening walk with Benny, a car swerved at them and hit Benny in the head, killing him outright — he wasn’t even a year old. Although the driver stopped and got out, his attitude was, Oh well, it’s only a dog. A few weeks later, a heartbroken Val and Bill were missing Benny so much they decided that they had to have another dog, so they went to visit the KAR rescue centre. Benji was [...]

The stories of Bud and Lucky

Jackie and George have been the proud owners of Bud and Lucky for the past four years. Jackie found Bud lying by the side of the road, with a broken leg and part of his top lip missing. He now has a permanent smile! George found Lucky living under a bush. He not only had a leg that was broken in three places, but also a 25mm-deep cut through his neck. The local vet, Pertev, who gave him his name, reckoned he’d been tied up with a wire rope. Jackie and George are now relocating to Yorkshire and, with help [...]

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