Daily Archives: July 8, 2012

Old friends and new sights

We were delighted to meet up with our friend at the Berceste Motorway Services, just south of Istanbul. He spotted us as we arrived and quickly put a ‘reserved’ sign on a table so that he could look after us himself. We introduced courier K, and he commented that Kim means ‘who’ in Turkish — which led to plenty of jokey chat. Our friend then went on to share his most recently acquired English phrases with us. ‘Cheers m’dears,’ he said, followed by ‘Lovely jubbly,’ his face lit up with a broad grin. Our lovely waiter with couriers K [...]

Getting to know our guests

The 12 dogs and three cats on this Animalcouriers trip are beginning to reveal their personalities as we motor on through Turkey towards Greece. All the cats — Daisy, Timmy and Kitty — are very friendly and uncomplaining. They’re an inquisitive bunch who like to know what’s going on in and around the van. But they’re also very calm and chilled out — we wonder whether someone slipped some catnip into their hubbly-bubblies! Chihuahua Chloe belongs to Simone, who’s already moved back to the UK. Chloe is a sweet little dog — littler than any of the cats on board [...]

Out walking this morning; then heading for Greece

We took the dogs out for lovely morning walks by the lake near our hotel. The lake was lined with fishermen getting set up for the day. While we walked up and down with the dogs, we watched them and they watched us. One chap watched us for a while before stopping courier K to ask her how many dogs she had. He proudly told us about how much he enjoys fishing, and how, along with smoking, it helps him to relax and think better. We plan to reach the Greek border later this afternoon, and we hope to be [...]

Last night south of Ankara

Last night we stayed at the Kronos Hotel just south of Ankara, by the side of a big lake at Golbasi. The hotel ticked all the usual boxes for secure parking, safe and accessible places for dog-walking — and a good night’s sleep. But it didn’t have a restaurant. So we parked the van right outside reception, inside a secure, guarded area, and left the receptionist all our contact numbers. We then called a taxi and embarked on a trip that was more exciting than anything Disneyland has to offer! We could only liken it to Mr Toad’s wild ride [...]

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