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Progress so far; and Chloe says ‘hello mum’

Today we’re heading for Ankara, and to the north of the city before we stop.  As it’s very hot outside, tonight's stop needs to be at around 8pm as the sun goes down. Our target is to reach the Greek border tomorrow afternoon, Sunday. We’ve sent our completed paperwork on ahead for them to study, in the hope it can be checked and pre-cleared. This something we believe is well worth doing, so we work hard with Margaret at KAR in the days leading up to a trip to achieve a dialogue with the border vets up the line: first [...]

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Arrival at Tasucu

The crossing was pleasantly uneventful and everyone slept soundly through the night. We docked at Tasucu at around 0800 and were off the ferry just 30 minutes later. We then had to go through all the usual processes. We moved from window to window: car papers, customs, passport control. We moved the van with its precious cargo from one side of the port to the other, running the aircon to keep everyone cool. All 70+ documents were photocopied more than once. (We wonder what would happen if Turkey ran out of ink?) Then by 1030, we were out the door [...]

On board the ferry

We booked a cabin for the crossing and said to each other how pleasantly surprised we would be if we get one — we were given a number, but so was everyone else! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw we actually had a cabin — and how comfortable it looked — we were like kids on an outing. While courier K set about making our beds, couriers J and M made sure the dogs and cats were comfortable and had water. We were grateful that the van was on the top deck of the boat so there was [...]

Getting on the night ferry from Girne

We set off from the port of Girne last night on our fourth trip this year from North Cyprus to the UK. Joining us for part of the trip is KAR’s administrator Kim — henceforth known as courier K — who we have been regaling with tales of the trips undertaken so far! Even so, she says she’s looking forward to it, and we’re certainly looking forward to having her on board. We chose to leave on the overnight crossing for the cooler temperatures which will be better for both the pets and the humans. During the day it’s been [...]

Meet the pets joining our trip from North Cyprus

This is Animalcouriers’ fourth trip this year from North Cyprus to the UK. We have 15 pets on board — three cats and 12 dogs. Here you can meet some of them as they arrived at the port of Girne last night.  Timmy the cat Kittie the cat Sophie (German Shepherd) and Dylan with Andy and Sue Lucy with her owner Linda, and Sophi and Tyler Benji Paddy with Kim from KAR Lucky and Bud with George and Tony Sophie and Sammy with Jean and [...]

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