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Cyprus Terrier Martyn is now sponsored by Animalcouriers

Animalcouriers decided to sponsor one of the dogs at KAR for the next year. He’s a Cyprus Terrier called Martyn — a cute and friendly fellow. £120 towards his food and care for the next 12 months seems like money well spent. Hard to resist? Completely impossible! Martyn has already sent us a thank you note: “It was lovely to meet Animalcouriers when they were visiting the KAR Centre. I was so excited to be told that they have offered to sponsor me and have already paid £120 for the year. It means so much to me that, [...]

A visit to Ferdez the vet

Paddy, one of our passengers, was delivered to the KAR office for boarding until our trip leaves. Paddy is a somewhat elderly fellow, so we though it would be a good idea for him to have a little check-up at the vet, to make sure everything was ok for him to travel. As we walked into the surgery, Ferdez the vet came to meet us. She and Paddy immediately recognised each other, as Ferdez asked how he was and Paddy wagged his tail. Ferdez reassured us that, although Paddy is indeed a senior sort of chap, he’s fine to travel. [...]

Meet some of KAR’s residents — and find out how to sponsor them

Although KAR aims to rehome as many suitable dogs and cats as possible, there are many who become long-term residents. Sponsorship — starting just £10 a month — helps to cover the costs of their food and care. Here you can meet some of the resident cats and dogs who’re already sponsored; or are in need of sponsorship. To find out more about sponsoring a cat or dog at KAR, visit the KAR website sponsorship page. Just a tiny selection of the gorgeous animals we met! [fusion_slideshow]

A rich environment for the cats and kittens at KAR

The cats at KAR are able to have a great life in stimulating surroundings. The cattery offers plenty of opportunities for climbing, scratching and playing — or simply lazing around. And for the kittens, there’s special care and attention, and strict instructions not to let them out! [fusion_slideshow]

The puppies at KAR who’ll be looking for permanent homes

A lot of puppies arrive at KAR, and the team do their best to rehome as many of them as they can. KAR has created a special puppy exercise area, just off the main house and office — here they can spend time outside with constant human companionship Among the puppies they’re looking after at the moment are a Pointer pup who arrived about 10 days ago, a pup with a missing ear, and another one with one ear that sticks up and the other that flops down! The newest arrivals we met were about six weeks old; doubtless more [...]

Sunny heads for Finland

Outstandingly beautiful Golden Doodle Sunny is heading to Finland for her holidays. She was ready and waiting at her London home for courier S to collect her — and off we went to check her in for her flight to Helsinki. Sunny does this trip every year, and this is the the third time Animalcouriers have been involved. Not only is she a delight to handle, she seems to know the procedure almost better than courier S! Lovely Sunny

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