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The three categories of adult dogs at the KAR centre

There are three distinct categories of adult dogs at the KAR centre: Dogs who live in compounds Dogs who are loose, and act as greeters when you arrive Dogs on chains at various points around the centre — these are mostly dogs who are better off away from other dogs, but are right at the heart of human contact and so never alone This dog is between the car park and the front door, so doesn’t miss a thing! A friendly three-legged German Shepherd tethered by the front door, who even has his own tent [...]

The Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) centre

Yesterday Animalcouriers visited KAR's centre in the hills of North Cyprus, which is home to some 200 dogs and 40 cats. We were lucky enough to be shown around by Margaret Ray, KAR's co-founder. The centre is built on a piece of land donated by the local authority. It was bare apart from a ruined farmhouse, but has grown bit by bit as funding has permitted. The dogs are housed in compounds in family groups of compatible dogs, and all have shelters to sleep and rest in. There are three paid staff, but they could not possibly cope without the many [...]

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