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Albie Arthur Fugley has reached his new home in North Cyprus

Animalcouriers delivered Albie to his new home in a delightful village in North Cyprus. Wendy was thrilled to be reunited with him and the feeling was clearly mutual. Wendy told us that she originally found Albie on the quayside in a skeletal condition, probably with only a few hours to live. She's done a terrific job with him — you'd never know he was a former street dog who'd been so ill. We also learned his full name: Albie (because he looks a bit albino), Arthur (because he only has 'arfur' tail), Fugly (because, in Wendy's view, he's very ugly). [...]

Deluded dog deceived by promise of digital vole detector

To celebrate our 1,500th post, we bring you the latest guest blog from the wonderful Jane Biddiss: The latest shocking story has emerged from Biddissville. Reverend and Mrs Biddiss are publishing this as a warning to all doggy parents of the consequences of letting dogs surf unsupervised on the internet. After emailing his godmother, courier J, Sneaky Neaky the Madeirian Mongrel started surfing his favourite vole-related websites when he came across this advert below. The title alone would have warned off most brainy Border Collies but, alas, not the hapless hunting hound. Digitally Enhanced Canine Electronic Intracranial Vole Echo Detector [...]

Views from the slow lane

Travelling the beautiful but often painfully slow roads along Turkey's coast, you get to see some wonderful sights. The rather gorgeous coastline itself A very happy Pointer-type dog… …he looks ready to give us a wave! A truck full of firewood — one of about a dozen courier M had to get past on the bends and hills of this stretch. Fortunately they were only able to travel at a crawl which helped a great deal. Overloaded and verging on overboard! A somewhat lost-looking, out-of-season, hitch-hiking Santa [...]

A progress report on Phaidon from Greece

Phaidon is one of the dogs Animalcouriers brought to the UK from the Filozoikos Shelter in Athens. When his owner, Fritha, was planning to adopt a rescue dog from Greece, she contacted Animalcouriers about transport to the UK. When she subsequently found out that the rescue organisation was arranging overland transport to the UK for several dogs together, including hers, Fritha let us know that she wouldn't be needing our services after all. When we told her Animalcouriers were already working with a Greek rescue organisation, and so would probably be transporting her dog, she got back in touch, saying: "I hope it is your company! [...]

An early start for courier J heading for North Cyprus

While courier M takes our van the hot, slow and picturesque route to North Cyprus, courier J takes the up-at-4am, check-in-at-6am flight to join him there. We're looking forward to a departure on Friday night on the midnight boat out of Girne. With North Cyprus temperatures in the mid 30s and high humidity, we want to minimise time in the sunshine as far as possible for our precious cargo. Ready for take-off

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Travelling through Turkey

Courier M is enjoying the sights and sounds of Turkey as he drives. The benign image of Kemal Atatürk looks down from the hills behind the popular resort of Antalya. Revered as the father of modern Turkey, his name and image are to be found throughout the country. Competing for space and sun with the tourist industry, Turkey's south coast boasts a growing banana industry Bananas by the beach — a stretch of unspoiled coastline with a banana plantation

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