Daily Archives: June 23, 2012

An evening walk in Nevers; and Galileo is now is now on board

The dogs enjoyed a lovely evening walk at our stopover in Nevers last night. Then today we collected our final passenger, Galileo — a stunnng three-month-old black Italian Greyhound. He's very slight and delicate with perfect features — and a bit of a cuddle monster too! Molly and Sophie are angels on their leads Galileo with his breeders

Baby, Molly, Fizzy, Bella, Bonnie and Weeble

These six glamorous and lovable cats are off to spend a year in the beautiful countryside around Hereford. When we arrived to collect them from near Lauzun, they were scattered all over the house. But it was quick work to gather them together, and they settled into the van in no time, enjoying the sounds around them of the other cats already on board. Baby and Molly Fizzy Bella Bonnie Weeble

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