Daily Archives: June 21, 2012

An evening of scrumping, grooming and playing

We're staying the night with our vet Diana in Beauville, in perfect surroundings for walking, playing with, and grooming the dogs. Chubbs is thrilled to find fields to run in and other dogs to play with Chanel gets a groom from courier A — all part of the service! Scrumping in the orchard — don't tell Diana!

Last night in Narbonne

Having crossed calmly into France last night, we stayed with good friends in Narbonne, where we enjoyed a home-cooked dinner on the terrace. This morning was sunny and calm, and we had great walks through the meadow and along the canal towpath. Bully and Mango wanted to know what was on their supper menu, too Pumpkin got excited as well A morning stroll for Chanel along the canal New best friends Chubbs and Lula walking side by side Mucking about in the meadow — Chanel, Chubbs and Lula Tummy [...]

Little Lula is a real live wire

Wire-haired Dachshund Lula is travelling with Animalcouriers from Barcelona to London. It was an emotional parting, but the separation will be brief — she'll soon be reunited with her family for everyone to start their new life in the UK. Lula made herself at home very quickly and thought it might be fun to try and play with the cats. So we quickly moved her to the dogs-only section of the van, and things have been much more peaceful since!   A proper send-off for Lula

Chanel is a seasoned traveller

Animalcouriers collected Bernese Mountain Dog Chanel from her temporary home on the coast north of Barcelona, where she's been staying with her owner's brother. Chanel is originally from Slovenia, and is now heading for Inverness to rejoin her owner. Chanel's big fluffy coat will be just right for the cooler climes of Scotland! Beautiful Chanel says goodbye to her owner's brother

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