We collected these three cats from Lesley and Mike, the lovely owners of Kittycare Cattery in Onil, Alicante.

Bully, Mango and Pumpkin have had a sad time recently since their owner was taken seriously ill. They continued living at the family home and, although they were very well looked after, they missed the human contact of their owner.

Since they moved to Kittycare, Lesley has spent every morning cuddling them. They’ve also had their rabies vaccines and passports prepared ready for travel to the UK. That’s because a close friend of their owner, who already has two cats of her own, has offered this gorgeous threesome a permanent new home in the UK, and she’s now eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Bully — who isn’t a bully at all, just a big black cat, proud as a Spanish bull

Mango — such lovely markings

Pumpkin and her beautiful blue eyes — she asked for a room of her own