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And Bully, Mango and Pumpkin make five

We collected these three cats from Lesley and Mike, the lovely owners of Kittycare Cattery in Onil, Alicante. Bully, Mango and Pumpkin have had a sad time recently since their owner was taken seriously ill. They continued living at the family home and, although they were very well looked after, they missed the human contact of their owner. Since they moved to Kittycare, Lesley has spent every morning cuddling them. They've also had their rabies vaccines and passports prepared ready for travel to the UK. That's because a close friend of their owner, who already has two cats of her [...]

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Mia lets Pepe know who’s in charge

When Animalcouriers arrived to collect these two cats near Alicante, their owner had sensibly shut them up in the bathroom, with a big sign on the door saying 'Cats inside'. But when we opened the door, we found clever black cat Pepe perched on the open window sill, about to make his escape. However, little apricot-eared Mia was already calling him back and telling him to behave! This lovely pair are moving to the UK. They're a little uncertain about everything at the moment, but we're sure they'll soon settle down. Pepe and Mia

Walking this morning near Alicante

Courier S and Chubbs woke early to the sound of a million small birds this morning, so took the opportunity for a long walk around the beautiful ancient town of Sax, near Alicante. Although Chubbs hasn't ever been on a lead before, she's now super good, and we enjoyed our exploratory stroll around the town, sniffing the tempting smells from the bakeries. Until, without warning, a huge thunderstorm erupted. So Chubbs (who's afraid of rain) and courier S rushed back to their hotel for breakfast. Early morning in Sax Exploring and sniffing Hiding from the [...]

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