Trying to teach Chubbs some English

Lovely Chubbs is incredibly nosy and loves to sniff all the flowers and plants on our walks, and watch what everyone around her is doing. Courier S has a mission to teach Chubbs a few English words before we reach the UK, but she's not really listening yet. Instead, she looks up with her adorable eyes, saying, "yes, ok, but let's have a cuddle first!" The very busy Chubbs Chubbs on the windy plains near Salamanca

Chubbs and her family are off to the UK

There was a big send-off for Chubbs when Animalcouriers collected her in Portugal. She's off to start a new life with the younger members of her family who're moving to the UK. There were lots of tears as Chubbs' departure marks the beginning of a period of separation for the different generations of this strong Portuguese family; it was also emotional for Chubbs as it's the first time she's been away from her very loving owners. But there's all the excitement of a new phase in her life to look forward to, along with the arrival only six weeks ago [...]

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