Snowy settles in and shows he’s a fast learner

Toast has sent some photos and an update to let us know how Snowy, one of the rescue dogs from North Cyprus, is getting on since being collected from the kennels on Friday afternoon. Toast tells us that on the journey home, they realised Snowy was hungry. "So we stopped and got him a sausage roll and peeled all the pastry off. Funny, I was looking around the shop for something healthy and it dawned on me that up until eight or so months ago he was eating stuff like that all the time!!" She tells us that Snowy was [...]

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Max has reached his summer holiday destination

Animalcouriers delivered little Max to his summer holiday home in Javea yesterday. There were smiles and hugs as the little fellow rushed around and enjoyed the afternoon sun. He'll be missed by the other passengers on our trip, especially his crush Polly. But she'll get to her own home near Malaga later today. Max will be returning with us to the UK in September. A very warm welcome for Max Max's summer housemate quickly recognised him and was soon calling out "Woof woof", and "Good boy, Max"

A wash and brush up for our Cyprus passengers before going home

During their 48-hour layover at the London and Essex Kents Farm kennels and cattery our North Cyprus passengers got lots of TLC, including lovely baths from Erica. Hagi and Tess were the first to get bathed, and Erica sent more photos of her squeaky clean charges. Animalcouriers is really grateful for all the attention the dogs and cats got during their stay. Scamp and Daisy Scamp Daisy Snowy Josh — or Mac — in the tub Barney, Josh and Mac sunbathing

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