We delivered our passengers from North Cyprus to London and Essex Kents Farm kennels and cattery yesterday, where we were warmly welcomed by the owners, Mark and Perry.

The dogs and cats need to stay for 48 hours before the final leg of their journey to their UK homes.


Josh and Mac

Elsa peeps out; Wallace is in there too, but hiding as usual!

Hagi gets a bath, followed by a blow dry

Tess playing with a ball after her bath

Scamp and Daisy


Peggy Sue


Tiny and Choco aren’t too keen on going out and about just yet, so we’ve left the cat boxes in their accommodation for the time being, for extra privacy

Breezer is the real boss of the place

Foxy, Caddie and Tinker with Mark. Foxy is herself a refugee from North Cyprus. She was found by Mark and Erica near their holiday home, abandoned, hungy and exhaused. They just couldn’t leave her behind.