Our North Cyprus passengers have a 48-hour layover

We delivered our passengers from North Cyprus to London and Essex Kents Farm kennels and cattery yesterday, where we were warmly welcomed by the owners, Mark and Perry. The dogs and cats need to stay for 48 hours before the final leg of their journey to their UK homes. Barney Josh and Mac Elsa peeps out; Wallace is in there too, but hiding as usual! Hagi gets a bath, followed by a blow dry Tess playing with a ball after her bath Scamp and Daisy Snowy [...]

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Max, whose life was saved by his lovely owner

Marvellous Max is back on his regular trip from Worthing to Jarvea in Alicante, where he'll spend the summer with his lovely owner who literally saved his life. She found him tied to a lamppost, having been kicked and beaten to within an inch of his life. So she scooped him up and ran with him to the nearest vets. Luckily Max is a real fighter and he managed to pull through, and is now a picture of health and happiness. He's showing his romantic side on this Animalcouriers trip, having developed a little crush on Polly — and indeed, [...]

Snoopy and Ebony are a lively pair

Bull Terrier Snoopy and his little friend Ebony are relocating from Gloucester to the South of France. Both dogs are full of spirit and energy — especially little Ebony who's like a Tasmanian Devil — and have lovely if slightly crazy characters. When we collected them their owners laughed and wished us good luck with them. "But at least you haven't got the three children as well," they said. Snoopy Ebony

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