Tiffany and Sammy have moved to their chateau

Animalcouriers collected these two gorgeous Labradoodle puppies from their breeder in Hereford, and delivered them to their new home in Villars in France — which just happened to be the most gorgeous chateau. They looked at home straight away and started rushing around on the gravel forecourt. These two bundles of fun are a lucky pair and their new owners seemed delighted to have them. On the road At their lovely new home

Yet another paperwork hurdle at the last minute

Couriers J and M are relieved to be checked in at Calais. When it all seemed to be going so well, we were struck from behind when we weren't looking! It turns out that the duty vet at the Greek border inspection post (BIP) omitted to do the electronic entry which would have produced another piece of paperwork that would have cleared our entry into the EU. Because that wasn't done, when we sent our Annexe 1 entry to ferry company P&O, copied to Defra, it turned out we weren't on the system, so Defra were somewhat surprised. The Greek [...]

Polly, Sophie and Rebecca; and Honey

Courier R caught up with couriers J and M in Le Wast, where they chatted over breakfast while J and M waited for clearance on some paperwork. Travelling with courier R are Honey, who's off to live in Colchester. She's gentle and well behaved, and courier R says she's travelled so well, you'd hardly know she's there. Also on board is Polly, who's moving to Norfolk with her cats Sophie and Rebecca. Polly was a little uncertain about the whole travel thing, and has needed lots of reassurance to feel comfortable, but we're pleased to say she got there. [...]

An urgent plea from cats in Greece

Cordelia from Nine Lives Greece has written to ask us for help in spreading the word, to see if anyone can offer a loving, responsible permanent homes for any of their cats. She says: "We are absolutely overwhelmed with endless kittens, many of which have problems with their eyes or other issues, that are being found in rubbish bins, abandoned at the places where we feed cats, abandoned at the vets and pet-shops, left at the side of the road etc, and also just countless poor adult cats that are being ditched by their owners, particularly now with the excuse of the [...]

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