Our last stop before reaching Calais

This should be our last stop, and our last blog, before we reach Calais. We have so enjoyed having this group of passengers on board. Every one of these pets is equally lovable, but 'critter of the trip' has to be Snowy. He was handed over to us with a packet of tranquilisers which is still intact — he's been a laid-back old sleepyhead who's had to be prodded awake for walks! He's also been very affectionate and likes nothing more than standing up on his hind legs, resting his paws on your tummy, to enjoy lengthy bouts of fuss. [...]

Visiting the lovely Swiss vets

The vet practice we went to this morning in Zurich was very friendly and welcoming. Everyone was very interested in our paperwork! Studying the paperwork closely It takes a very efficient vet nurse to do the real work! Daisy and Scamp The turn of Hagi and Tess Barney proved a huge hit… …the student vet nurse wanted to take him home! Setter one Setter two Snowy was so pleased to get so much attention that he rushed around not knowing who to talk [...]

Cooler weather but gorgeous surroundings in Switzerland

When we went out to walk the dogs last night in Switzerland it was raining and chilly (18C), so our fleeces made their first appearance! But it doesn't really matter what the weather's like when there are mountains and lakes all around to enjoy. Mountains Lake A slightly ominous sky Even a dusting of snow in the distance An interesting scent grabs the attention of Hagi and Tess

Jara is moving to Portugal

Beautiful Doberman Jara is moving from Lancashire to St Estevao in Portugal. She's off to join her owner who is breeding fine Lippizaner horses there. Jara was ready and waiting when courier S arrived to collect her. She relaxed back ready to enjoy the first stage of her journey towards her new home. Jara has such long, dainty toes! It's lovely to see a Doberman with a full-length tail Jara is home boarding until the Animalcouriers trip to France, Spain and Portugal sets off

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