Having arrived late in Brindisi yesterday morning, we got close to Ancona, and decided to spend the night in the mountains overlooking the Adriatic, at a hotel with good dog-walking and a secure car park.

We’re very aware there’s been more of a focus on dogs than cats, but cats on the move really do seem to prefer privacy, so we try to respect this.

Coming out of their shells are Floffy and Peggy, who’d both like to climb into our laps, but have to settle for a neck and head scratch.

Tiny isn’t that keen on attention yet, but we make a point of stopping by to say hello.

A little fairy in North Cyprus told us that the cats love Whiskas with lamb, so we made sure we had a good supply for the trip and all the cats are tucking in well.

Sedate Floffy has taken up residence in her litter tray

Peggy loves cuddles and attention

Tiny has the most beautiful eyes

Choco looks a bit cross here, but that’s not so surprising with a camera in her face! Along with the rest of the gang she says hi to Carol, we’re all ok and not long now till we see you.

Elsa is a pretty chilled-out kind of a cat…

…when she’s not on the move

Scamp overhears courier J talking to Wallace and Elsa

Nothing seems to faze young Snowy