A warm welcome in Ripa Teatina

At last night's hotel in Ripa Teatina, Hotel i Dito e la Luna, http://www.hotelilditoelaluna.com/ we were welcomed by a lovely Italian family who made us feel quickly at home. They brought water for the pets and rearranged the car park so that we could have the best spot in the shade. As they met the dogs and cats we had on board, there were 'oohs' and 'aahs' over the delightfulness of each animal. We were then introduced to their dogs too! We feel we've found a friendly and reasonably priced place to stay, that we'll hopefully be coming back to in [...]

Pet tips for road trips

We're re-blogging this useful post on travelling with your pets. Makes some very useful points: A family road trip just isn’t complete without Fido or Kitty in the back seat. Traveling with your furry friends can truly enhance a vacation, but it can also complicate one if you’re not prepared. From the lodging to the crate, there are so many important things to consider before you pack your pets and hit the road. Check out these seven awesome pet tips for road trips. Read more of this post...

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The answer to our quiz

Thanks to everyone who put forward their answer to our latest quiz. A few of you were right about it being bars of soap. In fact, it's a wall of soap bars, each one individually screwed in place. So well done Gunta, Lisa, Toastie and Valerie who all suggested soap in some form or another. But we did like Texas's idea that it was bars of catnip! Mouse crates, Jules?! A closer look

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A rather wonderful and useful contraption

In the dining room of our hotel last night there was a rather wonderful contraption made of copper piping. At first we thought it was a suction device for removing toupées from vain men! But in fact it was a very efficient extraction system that hovers over each table. Cooking takes place on hot stones, and this device extracts the smoke, keeping the air lovely and fresh. Heath Robinson himself would be impressed

Relaxed cats and dogs in italy

Having arrived late in Brindisi yesterday morning, we got close to Ancona, and decided to spend the night in the mountains overlooking the Adriatic, at a hotel with good dog-walking and a secure car park. We're very aware there's been more of a focus on dogs than cats, but cats on the move really do seem to prefer privacy, so we try to respect this. Coming out of their shells are Floffy and Peggy, who'd both like to climb into our laps, but have to settle for a neck and head scratch. Tiny isn't that keen on attention yet, but [...]

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