A sample of Turkey’s urban flora and fauna

We spotted wild flowers, insects, and even some tadpoles on our morning walk. Flowers and seed heads Is that a cabbage white? Poppies and litter Any idea what this insect is? Not morning glories, but glorious in the morning sun A broad sweep of flowers Big daisies A prickly thing! Tadpoles fighting for survival — we hope the water doesn't dry up before they get their legs!

We are through the border and into Greece

Compared with the last time we crossed the border from Turkey to Greece, things have gone much more smoothly and taken a fraction of the time — a couple of hours instead of about 24. At one stage it did look a bit dodgy, however. When we arrived at the Turkish border, we had to wait for the customs inspector. Courier J was allowed to walk round 'the other side' with a friendly official, but there was no-one there to sign us out. So once again we were invited to sit down in an office and drink chai, with a [...]

Morning walks in and around our hotel’s garden

We reached Silivri quite late last night after paying a visit to what has become our favourite roadside café, where we were greeted by the same lovely waiter saying 'Alright mate?', and enjoyed a splendid Turkish supper of beans and rice. Barney off for his morning walk Josh and Mac taking the air Snowy enjoying the flowers

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