Crossing the Bosphorus

Today has been fairly uneventful, thank goodness, given how much excitement we've had so far! The weather has been chilly, overcast, and sometimes rainy, and we've been very happy with it. At twilight we crossed the Bosphorus from Asia Minor to Europe. The next step was to find a hotel with a secure car park and somewhere nice for our evening walk. The bridge over the Bosphorus The sky at sunset PS - photos taken from a moving vehicle at sunset, not a good combination

A walk on Mersin beach

We took advantage of the lovely beach just in front of our hotel for a fine morning walk with the dogs. Hagi and Tess Snowy It's a challenge standing still for Scamp and Daisy These two are practically joined at the hip! Practising their Scottish reels… … and do-si-do your partner! Setters sniffing seashells on the seashore Josh (or is it Mac?) Mac and Josh Barney, with Mac and Josh in the background

Checking in for some sleep

On the advice of our local vet friends, we booked in to the Hilton Hotel on Mersin beach (via, for couriers J and M to catch up on some sleep. As there were no non-smoking rooms left when we were arrived, we were upgraded to the executive suite, with complimentary fresh fruit and a bottle of fine Turkish red wine. We always look for hotels with off-road, secure parking, and the Hilton fit the bill perfectly. When we took up our space in the car park, the car park manager alerted the duty manager and security manager, Baran and [...]

Our friendly Turkish vets

Orhan owns a magnificent veterinary practice, called Petical, with his son and six other vets, most of whom were rounded up for a photocall. Orhan has spent 30 years building up the practice into the wonderful place it is today. At the Petical reception, with Eren and Orhan Olcay, Ahmet, Orhan and Eren — we told them the vets in the UK aren't so good-looking! A sure sign of a good vets — a Golden Retriever lying in an awkward spot. This is 14-year-old grandma Goldie.

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