It only took 15 hours to be let out of the port of Mersin

On leaving the border inspection point (BIP), and armed with all our papers from the vet duly stamped, initialled and signed, we were under instructions to go back to customs to have the exit paperwork stamped, dated, initialled and signed. It was lunchtime and the doors were locked so we had to wait until 1.00pm. Then we were back where we were during this morning's chai round. Courier J's chair was still where she left it earlier! Papers on the counter, thicker now with the vet's documents added to the pile. The customs manifest was prepared which, in itself, isn't [...]

Pampering pigeons at the port

While we wait for yet another official to stamp yet another piece of paper, the activities of Mersin's huge port are at least diverting. This is an Albanian grain ship being unloaded using an enormous grab which dwarfs the trucks waiting below the loading silo Bumper time for the local pigeons though! Letting the last lot go down before going back to the buffet We have had to move from one part of the port to another a couple of times. A nightmare as there are no signs and trucks whizz about at breakneck [...]

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At the Border Inspection Point

After 40 minutes in Customs we were on the move, following Mustufa as he drove from office to office in search of the veterinary. Everything was fine, we just needed an official stamp. Six charming and polite people greeted us at the Border Inspection Point (BIP): two vets and four officials. A general discussion ensued around a coffee table with roses in the middle. The 'Passport Papers' were passed around, accompanied by smiles and nods. Chai arrived and everyone sat back for three minutes, stirring in sugar. Courier J had to get them back on focus. The vet said 'We are waiting [...]

Waiting at customs at the port of Mersin

We're sitting in Mersin customs office. We docked at 1.30am and, after a lot of playing around with the pneumatic lift, we finally got off the ferry at around 3.00am. Mersin is a huge, grubby port that makes our usual port of Tasucu look quite welcoming. We drove up and down, followed by the Bulgarian man who was the other car on the ferry, looking for the customs shed and a way out. We finally found a chap in uniform and asked, where's the exit? "Exit no here, exit over there," he said (as he waved his hand in the [...]

Interesting signs on our ferry

We spotted a number of interesting warning and instructional signs on our ferry. Several of them were in English and Spanish, making us wonder where this Turkish boat started life. Sign on the canteen noticeboard — we were a bit confused as to the message it's meant to convey Permission to board, sir? Yes we can! Another notice in English and Spanish

The delights of the ferry canteen

As always, the food on board our ferry was delicious, and especially so as it's a truckers' canteen. Hard-boiled eggs, olives, feta, delicious bread — and endless chai to wash it all down Sitting in the canteen Chai and hard-boiled eggs Olives and feta (and there was black cherry compote to pour over them) Soft, doughy bread, yummy with feta

Not a creature was stirring (well, barely, anyway)

On board the ferry, all was calm and quiet. Our charges and courier M slept, all watched over by courier J. And here's an interesting statistic: the animals on board outnumbered the human passengers 4.7:1! Mac, Josh and Barney snoozed Mac (or is it Josh?) showing how to relax Scamp slept Snowy caught some zeds Tess opened an eye when she heard the camera Elsa and Wallace napped, which is unusual for cats when there's movement around them Wallace raised his head when courier J moved in [...]

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