Giorge’s brothers and sisters all have feisty temperaments and are very roguish, yet Giorge is very calm and well behaved.

This Labrador-Rottie cross jumped into his cage as soon as his owner Fiona asked him to. Fiona spoke politely to him, saying: “Pop into the car please Giorge, while mummy goes back upstairs and gets the bags.” Which is exactly what he did.

At the airport terminal he found an empty water bottle to play with — he threw it, caught it and crunched it in his wide grin of a mouth. But when it was time to get into his kennel for the flight, and Fiona asked him to “please leave the bottle now,” he did (although he looked back somewhat wistfully at it!).

After a last hug from Fiona he walked into his kennel and lay down as though he’d done it all his life, when in fact this was his first flight ever.

Both Giorge and Fiona reached Manchester airport safely, and from there they headed north by car. We wish them both many happy years together in their new life in Bonnie Scotland.

Giorge takes flying in his stride

Fiona was more worried that Giorge

Giorge in his cage, very laid back