Barney, Josh and Mac; and Wallace and Elsa

These three dogs and two cats belong to Jim and Mary. Richard was there to see them off at Girne today. Barney, Josh and Mac with Yulian from KAR and Richard The trio get settled in Looking very excited about their coming adventure Richard says goodbye Wallace and Elsa exploring Wallace checks out the van Elsa claims the best bed

Carols cats: Tiny, Peggy Sue, Choco and Floffy

These four characters are Carol's pride and joy, and she's been anxiously awaiting news of their departure. Used to the outdoor life, this Cypriot quartet have had a short stay in a lovely cattery, awaiting Animalcouriers' arrival. They doubtless miss their freedom and were a little suspicious of events, but have settled down well into their travel accommodation. Tiny Floffy Peggy Sue Choco Yulian from KAR with two of the cats Sandra and courier M getting them all settled in

Giorge takes off from Spain

Giorge's brothers and sisters all have feisty temperaments and are very roguish, yet Giorge is very calm and well behaved. This Labrador-Rottie cross jumped into his cage as soon as his owner Fiona asked him to. Fiona spoke politely to him, saying: "Pop into the car please Giorge, while mummy goes back upstairs and gets the bags." Which is exactly what he did. At the airport terminal he found an empty water bottle to play with — he threw it, caught it and crunched it in his wide grin of a mouth. But when it was time to get into [...]

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Keep calm and have a chai

Like a well oiled machine, KAR and Animalcouriers got up this morning and went in various directions to collect the pets for the journey. Courier M and Yulian from KAR went to collect four cats resident at Sandra's, while Margaret loaded up the dogs in her care, and the kennels looking after Hagi and Tess got ready to meet us at the port of Girne. Meanwhile, courier J went on ahead to the port to start the booking-in process, the customs paperwork and the police checks. When she arrived at the window of the Fergun Ferry Company she was greeted [...]

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