A visit to the Bellapais Abbey

With a couple of hours off, couriers J and M visited the beautiful Bellapais Abbey for a walk around, a look at the view, a nice cuppa — and, for courier M, a haircut! He was under strict instructions from the management at home to get a traditional North Cyprus haircut. The art of dealing with facial hair is quite a science here: shaving, cutting, burning, razor-thin scrapes, wire like dental floss over the eyebrows, and very fine cutting. He ermeged 45 minutes later looking very dapper, in need of some restorative tea and a spell of postcard-writing. Jacaranda [...]

Power lunching

After the important but enjoyable business of meeting our passengers and their families, Animalcouriers were shown how the residents of North Cyprus do lunch. While we were eating, we're pretty sure we spotted turtles swimming by on their way to Turtle Bay, an established sanctuary for turtles to lay their eggs, that's about an hour up the coast. It's a tough job… … but someone's got to do it!

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Meeting some of the KAR dogs who’re waiting to go to the UK

Margaret introduced us to some of the dogs staying at KAR who're waiting to go to the UK. Among them were Buddy and Charlie, who'll be travelling with Animalcouriers in September. Both of them are holiday romances: Buddy belongs to Janet, and Charlie belongs to Maria. Buddy Charlie Margaret greets some of her charges

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Breaking news — Hugo is an Animalcouriers champion

Enjoying a traditional English fete this jubilee weekend, courier S and her dog Hugo entered the companion dog show and won their class. Hugo is so proud of his rosette we haven't had the heart to explain that he won best tramp in the 'lady and the tramp' class — to us he's always a champion. First prize for Hugo

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Margaret’s six dogs

Not surprisingly, Margaret from KAR has dogs of her own, all of whom we've now been introduced to. Cyprus Poodle Molly is Margaret's right-hand girl. She was found abandoned on the beach with three others and collected by KAR. Molly was a very poorly girl so Margaret took her home to look after her. Clever Molly has been with Margaret ever since. She guards the house and if she doesn't want to let someone — dog or person — in, there's no arguing with her. Riley is about 16 years old and becoming a bit blind, but [...]

An irresistible hotel visitor

You can see why people fall in love with the dogs that are helped by Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) in North Cyprus. A pointer-cross wandered into the grounds of the Pia Bella hotel and  did a round of the other tables, introducing himself to everyone. He then came and helped himself to our popcorn, and settled down at our feet to be our companion for a while. Such a friendly fellow I'm a KAR dog you know — see my tagged ear — I've been neutered by KAR That Sambucca smells good — any for me? [...]

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