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Avon, Buster, Spitfire and Tangy from Johannesburg

Avon the dog travelled with his feline friends Buster, Spitfire and Tangy from South Africa. They're all staying in a kennels and cattery for a few days until their new home in the UK is ready. Their owner had prepared them well for their journey by driving them around in the car for hours, getting them used to the movement and being in their boxes. Avon was ready to take the wheel and give courier S some navigation tips Buster and Spitfire check out their temporary accommodation Tangy gets a welcoming cuddle at the cattery [...]

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Cat action at the Pia Bella hotel

When courier M arrived at the Pia Bella, the jungle drums started up around the hotel's garden. Knowing that there are always treats when Animalcouriers come to town, black-and-white cat got in quickly before young ginger could see him off. Today's offerings included popcorn and bits of chicken sandwich. Wide awake — can you spot the sign that he's been neutered by KAR? Fast asleep

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