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Gato is becoming quite the correspondent, keeping us up to date with how he's settling in to his new home in the UK: Dear friends, on Tuesday I arrived in England after a very long journey through Portugal, Spain, France and finally the Channel Tunnel, mostly in the company of barking dogs and a quiet tortoise, but two nice ladies looked after me and fed me treats. (I still like girls even though apparently I've had the operation!) Marea and David came for me in the afternoon and I slept most of the way back in my new basket to [...]

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Coco from Queensland

Coco the cat looked a tiny bit grumpy when Animalcouriers collected her at Heathrow this morning. But as she'd flown all the way from Queensland, perhaps it was jet lag? She soon cheered up when she arrived at her new home in London. She immediately set off round the house, inspecting the layout for comfort, decor and playthings, and purring very contentedly. This is how we all feel after a long flight!

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Kitten in need of a loving home

While we were doing paperwork with Firdez the vet, courier J and Margaret from KAR took some time out to play with a tiny kitten. He'd been brought in with part of one of his back legs severed. His bandage and drip didn't seem to be too much of an obstacle as he had fun playing with us. He's a cute little fella with curly eyebrows and whiskers who needs a kind person to give him a good home where he can get back to full health. No-one seems to think missing part of his leg will be too much [...]

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Getting ready in North Cyprus

As courier J prepared in North Cyprus, courier M collected the van and set off for Tasucu. His journey was not uneventful — the ferry he was heading for had been cancelled due to high winds. As he wasn't confident that the van's aircon had been fully gassed, courier M used the time on his hands to have it seen to. Meanwhile, in TRNC Plan C is underway. Courier J and Margaret from KAR have spent time with Firdez the vet, getting the paperwork signed, stamped and initialled, and arranging for health checks in Turkey, It is important to remind [...]

The people at the heart of Kyrenia Animal Rescue

Courier J caught up with the people who are at the heart and soul of Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) — or 'the coalface' as they put it. These half-a-dozen stalwarts have a very well run office that deals with over 20 calls a day, appeals for and offers of help, sick and injured animals, and visitors who just drop in for a chat! Pat, Kim, Nicky, Margaret, Stuart, Kathy

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