Meri loves to sunbathe

We collected Meri from the Chenil des Lauriers in Pech de la Borde. She's moving back to West Sussex with her owners. Meri has a serious allergy which means she's on daily medication and has to wear a collar. Despite which, she seems to be a very happy little cat, who was having a lovely time sunbathing in the garden when we arrived to collect her. Meri

Billy and Bobby are off to the UK

Cats Billy and Bobby have been staying at the Clos Fleuri Pension des Chats in Port Sainte Foy et Ponchat for a few weeks while their owners make their final arrangements for returning to the UK. They were at the cattery to make sure Billy and Bobby were comfortable in their travel accommodation and to wave them goodbye. Both cats are gorgeous and have settled in very quickly to the journey. Handsome grey tiger Beautiful grey and white fluffball

Newcomers joined our trip in Barcelona

In Barcelona we met up with cats Lucy and Bennie, dogs Bobby and Serita, and Fly the Peke. Lucy and Bennie are moving from Alicante to Sunderland. They're very friendly cats who love being stroked and getting tickled under the chin. Bobby and Serita are quiet and well behaved and clearly the very best of friends. Sweet and loving Fly is moving from Murcia to London, and seems to be enjoying the journey so far. All our animals, including little Anselmo, enjoyed the countryside and an evening of walks and play after their [...]

Sammy and Gremlin are swapping Barcelona for the UK

These two cats joined the Animalcouriers trip today. Originally strays from the streets of Barcelona, they're now moving to the UK. Sammy was rescued by a well known charity, and neutered and ear-tipped ready to be released back onto the streets. But before that could happen, he met his new owner and was adopted into a happy home, which he shares with Gremlin. Sammy Gremlin

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