A message from Gato and his owners

Gato's owners wrote to let us know how Gato is settling in to his new home. David said: "Although Gato was unhappy to start with, he was asleep in the car after a few miles. He was excited with his new home exploring and looking for escape routes. He slept at the foot of the bed last night and he's asleep again. As you can see he isn't unhappy at all. Let's hope he doesn't escape. Thank you for a great service and for taking such care of Gato and keeping in touch."  Gato fast asleep Gato asked Marea to [...]

Back with the cats at the Pia Bella hotel

Courier J is in North Cyprus getting ready for the next Animalcouriers trip. As before, she's staying at the Pia Bella hotel, a welcoming spot for a number of stray cats. The young ginger tom who's become something of a favourite came straight over to tell courier J all the news since her last visit. He wasn't having any of it when a black-and-white cat tried to muscle in on the conversation! Young ginger stops by for coffee and a chat Almost the start of world war three

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Anselmo, Gato, Bobby and Serita are back with their owners

Our tiniest passenger Anselmo, our most vocal cat Gato, and great mates Bobby and Serita, have all been reunited with their owners. Smiles and kisses with Anselmo Gato tucked into his owner's car for the final leg of his journey An emotional reunion for Bobby and Serita — back with their owner after a year's separation

Nacho is heading to Scotland

Darling Nacho met us this morning in Calais to join our trip. He's a wonderful tripod who lost a leg and his tail when he was hit by a train in his home country of Serbia. He's been staying at a lovely foster home in Belgium and has now found a fantastic permanent home in Glasgow. It was an emotional farewell from his foster-mum but we all know Nacho is going to live a great life in Scotland. Big hugs for Nacho

A Bohemian welcome in Rouen

Animalcouriers delivered Bohemia safely in Rouen last night, where she immediately enjoyed saying hello to everyone and playing in the garden. She's been a great companion on this trip and we shall miss her. Yoda especially will miss her as they became great playmates over the course of the journey. We're now heading for Calais where we hope to arrive tonight, ready for customs in the morning and, hopefully, a crossing around midday. Bohemia reunited with her family

Flash is looking forward to some peace and quiet

Flash joined the Animalcouriers European trip this morning, when we collected him from his lovely farmhouse near Vichy. The house was heaving with a team of removers. We think Flash's journey to Deal will give him a peaceful time to relax. He's a lovely cat and we're looking forward to spending time with him. Flash checks out the accommodation

Farm animals real and imaginary

In and around a small village near Vichy we came across a number of farm animals, both real and imaginary — and all a bit frightening in their own way. These amazing sheep sculpture are a traffic-calming system. They're positioned to look like they're just about to cross the road, and are so lifelike that you slow down to let go. As well as this large group, we came across individuals placed as though they're stepping off the kerb. What a great idea! Sometimes a girl just has to do what girl has to do, and we [...]

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