Riley’s story

Riley is one of the pets travelling with us from North Cyprus to the UK. His family wrote to tell us how they came to adopt him: "We found Riley the pup on our doorstep one morning, looking cold and nervous. He came in and joined our three cats (part of the growing menagerie of unplanned pets). He was never any trouble until he found that those long legs would carry him over the wall to freedom at anytime of the day, then the race was on to block the holes. "Six months later, when the hedge was looking like [...]

Shingen the Akito joins us in Greece

Vana had asked us to take her Akito puppy to the UK for her. Originally we didn't have space on our trip from North Cyprus. Unfortunately, however, two of the dogs we were due to transport weren't able to travel. So we agreed to take Shingen instead, and arranged to meet Vana along the way. Shingen is now on board and settling in to the journey.

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