Passing Mount Olympus

We caught a glimpse of snow-covered Mount Olympus, glittering in bright sunshine through the afternoon haze. We can quite understand why the Australian tourists we encountered thought the Greek mountains were covered in marble. Mount Olympus is very beautiful indeed and this photo doesn't do it justice. Courier J has been getting into the Greek spirit by reading 'The Thread' by Victoria Hislop, that tells the story of a family's life in and around Thessaloniki. During our afternoon conversations we've been wondering whether we should offer to carry the Olympic flame back to London on one of our trips! [...]

A fine hotel and a great dog-walking spot

We stayed last night in Alexandroupouli in north-eastern Greece. Courier M's daughter A has joined us for this part of the trip. We walked the dogs in lovely pinewoods and along the beach this morning. Unfortunately one of our BlackBerrys was out of juice, so we only managed to take photos of Sandy, Annie, Flossie and Carrie. But as you can see, it was a beautiful start to the day and all the dogs took the opportunity to sniff the air and enjoy the morning sun.

Collecting Collete was quite an adventure

Animalcouriers had quite an adventure when we went to collect Collete. She's been living up in the mountains of the Massif Central which were still covered in snow when we arrived. After seven wonderful years of mountain walking, Collete's owners are now moving back to the UK. When we walked in, Collete was sitting in her favourite place by the window, taking in the spectacular views.

Tigra, Smokey, Marquis and Geordie

Animalcouriers collected this family of three cats and a dog from Limoges. Tigra got hit by a car when he was a kitten, but has since made a full recovery. However, if you stroke the wrong spot he's quick to let you know! Smokey is a very affectionate cat whose best friend in the family is Geordie the dog. She must have chosen him for his brains: he's a clever chap who's been sending us emails to keep us updated on all the family's news as they prepare for their trip to the UK. The third cat is Marquis, who [...]

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